Zico DAO

Zico DAO is a token created for the Cryptophilately Community organized around The Polish Crypto Stamp project to facilitate strategic insights and a voice for it's most active users.

Zico Token

Zico token is the mean of the cryptophilatelic community which entitles the holders to vote and potentially propose the direction of specific aspects of the Polish Crypto Stamp project. There are 18 101 558 tokens available and 10 860 934.8 which were initially minted, in order to distribute them over the course of ~2 years among the philatelic thaler and crypto stamp NFTs holders. Zico tokens can not be purchased but are intended for systematic distribution, until run out, among members of the cryptophilately community giving them a right to vote.

What is Zico DAO?

It represents a group of passionate people who are committed to an out-of-the-box approach, both in terms of physical and digital products, hitherto developed by traditional postal institutions.

The Bridge

The aim of Zico DAO is to build a bridge between two worlds - the physical and the digital. We intend to bring traditional philatelic passionates and new technology enthusiasts together.

The Utility

Currently available crypto stamps are certainly an excellent addition to the collection, but they lack some significant features and capabilities typical for Web3 assets which we are going to develop.

The Concept

We plan to fill the gaps in the existing range of postal products. With our experience in the Web 3 industry, knowledge of blockchain technology, we will provide access to a finite product that will offer the holder more than just a nice addition to the collection.

The Community

We want to create a community-driven project where every involved and eligible participant has the right to vote and decide in which direction the project will evolve.


Zico token will be distributed among the Polish Crypto Stamp Collection holders in 12 monthly airdroped tranches with 6 months cliff each.